2020 Special Memorial Service and or Meal

For loved ones looking for a special private place for a memorial and or a memorial meal, we can help. Our spaces are large and warm and welcoming. We have flexibility of menu, including your loved ones favorites if you desire.

For the months of May and June you may use either or both the Grand Room for a meal or the Tacoma PAC for a service. If you use both the charge for T-PAC ($280 value) will be waved. In addition to other meal options, we are offering a Celebrity Recipe Menu of Sofia Loren’s Baked Pasta, Audrey Hepburn’s Potato and onion Tortilla, Grace Kelly’s Caesar Salad and Katherine Hepburn’s Brownies with coffee, tea and a toast of juice or champagne, all for $11.99 plus tax and tip.

Days, evenings and weekends are available, you can start to plan now. Please contact us now to reserve a date and time that we can adjust if necessary.