Funerals, Memorials and/or Funeral Meals

The Charter Place is unique venue to celebrate life.

Our facility, The Charter Place, may be available most times and days.

The Tacoma Preforming Arts Center (T-PAC) was once a synagogue and then a church. The space is lovely, and although no longer used as an official place of worship, it has a beautiful spirit. Its history has already proven as a place that spans diverse religions, and makes a perfect space for secular or non-secular celebrations.

We also have meals available in our banquet facility, the Grand Room.

Our unique venue and menu has some flexibility to help with variables like:

  • the desire for a venue that may or not be secular
  • loved ones that want to personalize memorials with music and/or video
  • an unknown numbers of guests
  • flexibility of time, during or after the workday, evenings or weekend mornings
  • the desire to have enough time to discuss their loved ones 
  • a desire to have a meal immediately follow the celebration of life service at the same location